Best Typography Design Resources in 2023

Best curated free fonts and typography resources


Screenshot of Create Sparkline Charts Without Any Code Using Sparks

Create Sparkline Charts Without Any Code Using Sparks

Sparkline is a tiny chart to visualise trends of a series of data values. After The Flood created Sparks font to generate sparkline chart…

a year ago

Screenshot of Design Documentaries

Design Documentaries

Catching up with some design documentaries in the last few months during quarantine, here's my recommended list! Abstract: The Art of Design…

3 years ago

Screenshot of Weekly Design Documentaries Free Streaming — Helvetica

Weekly Design Documentaries Free Streaming — Helvetica

Independent film director Gary Hustwit announced to offer free streaming of his past work to encourage people staying home. First title…

3 years ago


Screenshot of Prison Gothic

Prison Gothic

Support this new Hong Kong typeface crowdfunding project! Prison Gothic is a digitalised and extended font according to handcrafted road sign typeface by prisoners starting in 1970s in Hong Kong. USD$121

Screenshot of Dela Gothic One

Dela Gothic One

Dela Gothic One is a Japanese typeface that has very complete Chinese character set. Best of all it's available on Google Fonts, meaning you can use it on Figma and anywhere as well for free in any usage.

Screenshot of Fontshare


Fontshare is a free font sharing platform that is 100% free for personal and commercial use.

Screenshot of Kumincho by Kowloon Type

Kumincho by Kowloon Type

Traditional Chinese serif font created by Kowloon Type is released after crowd-funded over $700k USD in Taiwan & Hong Kong in 2021. USD$320.

Screenshot of Fluid Type Scale

Fluid Type Scale

Generate font size variables for a fluid type scale with CSS clamp.

Screenshot of Roboto Serif

Roboto Serif

New serif typeface under Google's Roboto font family. It also includes a special variable font option to optimize display base on optical size axes.

Screenshot of Utopia


Utopia is a calculator that help you to tokenize spacing values to be used with their fluid type calculator.

Screenshot of Compagnon


Inspired by typewriter specimens, Compagnon combined the typfaces of typewriters.

Screenshot of Syne


Open source 5-style artistic font, originally created for an art centre in Paris. The playful weights variation leaves room for creativity for designers.

Screenshot of Use & Modify

Use & Modify

Huge library of curated open source fonts

Screenshot of Font Famous

Font Famous

Free vector media logos that you can embed on your site directly.

Screenshot of US Blaak

US Blaak

US Blaak is a sharp-serif font created by Unidaas, suitable for headline and title use. Bold font is free to download.

Screenshot of Public Sans

Public Sans

Public Sans is the new typeface created by US Government, edited from Libre Franklin.

Screenshot of Bungee


Bungee first caught my attention with unique horizontal scrolling design and vertical typography. But it is more than a font optimized for vertical signs, the stylistic alternates open up so much more styles. Have I not mention the font is free on Google Fonts as well?

Screenshot of Typewolf


Typewolf is an indie typography resources blog curated by Jeremiah Shoaf. It recommends fonts and explores trending typography site on daily basis.

Screenshot of Butterick's Practical Typography

Butterick's Practical Typography

A free typography handbook wrote by Los Angeles based lawyer Matthew Butterick. It offers practical takeaways and popular paid font alternative recommendation for beginners.

Screenshot of Web Typography 101

Web Typography 101

Andréa Crofts wrote a starter guide for Web Typography. All beginners should check it out.

Screenshot of Fontpair


Font Pair does an excellent job in previewing font pairing options that are available on Google Fonts.

Screenshot of Typekit Practice

Typekit Practice

Collection of resources to practice typography, created by the Adobe Typekit team.

Screenshot of Kerntype


Kerntype is a fun game to learn how to distribute the space between letters, which is called "Kerning".

Screenshot of Dafont


One of the legacy websites offers a large database of free fonts for personal and commercial purpose. Offline usage only as the site does not host the font file for websites.