Screenshot of Redesigning for Health Check Report

Redesigning for Health Check Report

How would you design a body check report? Last month, i received a physical copy of my body check result. Embracing “product designer…

3 months ago

Screenshot of Building Gatsby Starter for Digital Garden

Building Gatsby Starter for Digital Garden

Skip to bottom if you are already using Obsidian You cannot connect the dots by looking forward. You can only connect them by looking…

4 months ago

Screenshot of Why should you create a website

Why should you create a website

Have you been relying on social media to promote your content? How did you cope with the uprising of new platforms? Discussion of…

5 months ago

Screenshot of Type Scale


Type Scale

Type Scale helps you to improve your web typography with a better scaling calculation.

Screenshot of Writing for Interfaces


Writing for Interfaces

create clear, conversational, and helpful writing and provide tips for interfaces copy

Screenshot of Polaris Design System

Design System

Polaris Design System

Shopify's Design System - Polaris

Screenshot of Config 2022


Config 2022

Figma annual conference CONFIG is back! Stay tuned for product announcement on May 10 opening keynote.

Screenshot of Gestalt

Design System


Pinterest's design system - Gestalt

Screenshot of Apple Accessibility


Apple Accessibility

Redesigned Accessibility page by Apple. Discover accessibility features and how to design better UX with accessibility in mind.

Screenshot of Hong Kong Street Signs

Made in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Street Signs

Figma Community template to create Hong Kong street signs.

Screenshot of Kumincho by Kowloon Type


Kumincho by Kowloon Type

Traditional Chinese serif font created by Kowloon Type is released after crowd-funded over $700k USD in Taiwan & Hong Kong in 2021. USD$320.

Screenshot of Photo Booth


Photo Booth

A FigJam plugin that let collaborators / participants to take a photo from a skeuomorphic Polariod. Great for ice-breaking session.