Best Figma Design Resources in 2022

Best Figma templates, tutorials and resources you can find to save your time.



Screenshot of Design System Structure Guides

Design System Structure Guides

Design system structure guide help you to pick the right file hierarchy according to your figma plan! Analyzed the complexity, pros and cons for each options too! Super useful

Screenshot of Supa Gradient

Supa Gradient

Supa Gradient plugin allows you to create and manage gradients

Screenshot of Themer


Themer allows you to create and switch themes from your published style library. Applying to color, shadow and text styles.

Screenshot of Propstar


Propstar is super helpful when designing components to accommodate all possible options for variations and component properties.

Screenshot of Config 2022

Config 2022

Figma annual conference CONFIG is back! Stay tuned for product announcement on May 10 opening keynote.

Screenshot of Hong Kong Street Signs

Hong Kong Street Signs

Figma Community template to create Hong Kong street signs.

Screenshot of Photo Booth

Photo Booth

A FigJam plugin that let collaborators / participants to take a photo from a skeuomorphic Polariod. Great for ice-breaking session.

Screenshot of Jitter Video

Jitter Video

Jitter is a Figma plug-in allows you to export your mockup and create micro-animation! Great for Dribbble shots or creating any promotion materials.

Screenshot of Figma Tokens

Figma Tokens

Figma Tokens is a Figma plug-in allows you to generate, switch and apply theme through JSON.

Screenshot of iOS 15 UI Kit

iOS 15 UI Kit

Figma guru Joey Banks released the new iOS 15 UI Kit, with the latest variants component support, great starter for beginners building realistic mock-ups.

Screenshot of Figma Best Practices

Figma Best Practices

Best Practices of FIgma, illustrated by the staff from Figma. How should you approach design system and components, here is a comprehensive guide from Figma team.

Screenshot of Design Systems by Figma

Design Systems by Figma

A publication curated by Figma Team regarding building a design systems. Include tutorials, templates, case studies and more.

Screenshot of Overflow


User-flow diagramming tool tailored for designers. Works with Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD and Photoshop.