Best Design Design Resources in 2022

All About Design



Screenshot of Figen


Simple quick post cover and background generator

Screenshot of Design Question Library

Design Question Library

Created by Stanford Design School. A set of questions helping you to go beyond the basics and dive deeper into the nuances of design.

Screenshot of TED Talks on Design

TED Talks on Design

Curated design playlist with all TED talks regarding design

Screenshot of Digital Bookshelf

Digital Bookshelf

Digitalbookshelf is a must-read book list for product managers and designer.

Screenshot of Logobook


Logobook collects a variety of logos for design inspiration. Categorizing in letters, numbers, shapes and even business nature. Logobook is a great reference to kickstart the brainstorming process.

Screenshot of Squoosh


Built by Google Chrome Labs, Squoosh optimises image with instant compression preview. Popular settings like MozJPEG, OptiPNG, WebP are included.

Screenshot of The Futur

The Futur

The Futur is an educating and inspiring video channel made for creative professionals, facilitating creative mindsets and practical business tips. Paid video courses are also available at Futur Academy.

Screenshot of Designers:Watch


Designers:Watch showcases the must-see documentaries for designers and creators.

Screenshot of Figma Dictionary

Figma Dictionary

Figma team introduces a new learning resource for all design-related jargon in one page.

Screenshot of Design + Code

Design + Code

Interactive e-book to teach how to design and code a React app for iOS 11. Written by Ming To.

Screenshot of Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps

Customized Google Map style apply on your website.