Senior Product Designer

The high-level design axes that I learned from good ol’ _Papa Zuck_ are Product ThinkingSelf-awareness. It’s important to know that these six axes are a mixture of your hard and soft skills. So let’s

2022 Q1 Reflection & Progress

It's a new year and quite a lot has been achieved this quarter. First of all, I have wrote my personal blog from scratch using NextJS as part of my practice. The hardest part was the API and synchroni

2021 Q4 Reflection & Progress

- #### [[Write 4 Blogs about coding and design]] - #### [[Join 3 tech meetups and conferences]] - Attended Frustrated Design Pattern workshop by SmashConf - Attended Figma's design system conferen

2021 Q3 Reflection & Progress

Lack of progress in Q3 as I was really busy with moving and settling down . It was only until the end of the quarter, that I have processed with a new target and set of tasks to complete. Therefore, m