Migrating from Gatsby to Next.js 14

This website has entered v3 of its iteration! v2 was created using Gatsby and integrated with my previous design resources Entering v3, I'm migrating the website from Gatsby to Next.js 14!

Things that I'm considering during the revamp

What's the best approach to decide where should the content saved?

For me there are two key pillar of content that require to migrate from this website

  1. Blog articles on that previously saved as Markdown stored on Github
  2. List of bookmarks that previously stored on

Ease of Access <--> Ease of Development

My conclusion have based on the follow questions:

  1. Do you want to create, edit and delete your content on mobile?
  2. How many images do you want to attach per record?
  3. Is there long paragraph of content that need to be processed with styling, image support?

| | Mobile Edit | Image Per Record | Article | | --------- | ----------- | ---------------- | ------- | | Blog | ✅ ❌ | >1 | ✅ | | Resources | ❌ | 1 | ❌ |

With Obsidian support of Properties, it's way easier to do simple data mark up (e.g. Boolean on draft's status, set title, date, categories and tags)

Last Updated
February 8, 2024

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