Good Product Is Not Earning Every Dollar

Slack charges according to the no. of active users in teams.They call it “Fair Billing Policy”, Netflix announced they will start cancelling inactive members' subscriptions after 1 year.

Good Product is not earning every dollar. Netflix recently announced they will start cancelling inactive subscriptions, Slack also carry out "Fair Billing Policy" to charge only active users in paid plans.

Usage-based Billing is a reasonable & flexible pricing model especially for B2B service. Make it transparent and credible!

These companies can earn more money but they choose not to. This is because gaining users' trust & loyalty is more important than the monetary return.

My take is Gaining users’ trust is more important than short term revenue.

Usage-based billing is a pricing model that can be both reasonable & flexible for users. Making the process transparent and credible will gain users' trust and loyalty.

Last Updated August 13, 2020

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