Handpicked Design Resources

Screenshot of iOS 15 UI Kit

iOS 15 UI Kit

Figma guru Joey Banks released the new iOS 15 UI Kit, with the latest variants component support, great starter for beginners building realistic mock-ups.

Screenshot of Compagnon


Inspired by typewriter specimens, Compagnon combined the typfaces of typewriters.

Screenshot of Syne


Open source 5-style artistic font, originally created for an art centre in Paris. The playful weights variation leaves room for creativity for designers.

Screenshot of Grid Guide

Grid Guide

Grid calculator for your Figma. Set Max Width and Columns will return the suitable guter and column width.

Screenshot of Dimmy Club

Dimmy Club

Free device mockup generator

Screenshot of Stark Public Library

Stark Public Library

Free accessibility resources library, formerly known as a11yresources.

Screenshot of Leading with Craft

Leading with Craft

Hands-on career path interview with UI/UX designers by uxdesign.cc

Screenshot of Documenting is designing

Documenting is designing

Heidi Adkisson laid out all kinds of design documentations that can lead to better design outcome.

Screenshot of Voice, Tone & Content Guides

Voice, Tone & Content Guides

Curated editorial and copywriting tone guides from respected teams

Screenshot of Inclusive Components

Inclusive Components

A blog that advocate inclusive web interfaces and components, to make the web more accessible

Screenshot of Pattern Generator

Pattern Generator

Create unique, seamless, royalty-free patterns, support CSS background, png and SVG export.

Screenshot of Job Hunt Field Guide

Job Hunt Field Guide

Job Hunt Field Guide is a informative eBook, with tons of resources guiding you to the process of landing a UI/UX design job. Written by Annabel Blake.

Screenshot of Presentation.Design


Prepare your portfolio. Presentation design covers everything you need from tools and templates to create your portfolio presentation.

Screenshot of Grammar Report

Grammar Report

Shira Stieglitz shared her insights on the importance of grammar and spell check, via easily measured test by Google Ads.

Screenshot of Figma Config 2020

Figma Config 2020

Big announcement from Figma Config keynote in 2020 Sep, all session videos have now uploaded to the Youtube.

Screenshot of Laws of UX

Laws of UX

A collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces.

Screenshot of Use & Modify

Use & Modify

Huge library of curated open source fonts

Screenshot of Project Wallace - CSS Analytics

Project Wallace - CSS Analytics

CSS analytics tool to monitor your design system.

Screenshot of Design System Checklist

Design System Checklist

An open-source checklist for building a design system