Handpicked Design Resources

Screenshot of Hong Kong Street Signs

Hong Kong Street Signs

Figma Community template to create Hong Kong street signs.

Screenshot of Kumincho by Kowloon Type

Kumincho by Kowloon Type

Traditional Chinese serif font created by Kowloon Type is released after crowd-funded over $700k USD in Taiwan & Hong Kong in 2021. USD$320.

Screenshot of Photo Booth

Photo Booth

A FigJam plugin that let collaborators / participants to take a photo from a skeuomorphic Polariod. Great for ice-breaking session.

Screenshot of Product Design Jobs

Product Design Jobs

Browse product designer, product manager, ux writer, brand designer jobs and more

Screenshot of Pastel


Build color palettes for free with importing images from camera. Sync across iCloud and available for free on iOS and macOS.

Screenshot of Fluid Type Scale

Fluid Type Scale

Generate font size variables for a fluid type scale with CSS clamp.

Screenshot of Type Scale

Type Scale

Type Scale helps you to improve your web typography with a better scaling calculation.

Screenshot of Roboto Serif

Roboto Serif

New serif typeface under Google's Roboto font family. It also includes a special variable font option to optimize display base on optical size axes.

Screenshot of Jitter Video

Jitter Video

Jitter is a Figma plug-in allows you to export your mockup and create micro-animation! Great for Dribbble shots or creating any promotion materials.

Screenshot of Figma Tokens

Figma Tokens

Figma Tokens is a Figma plug-in allows you to generate, switch and apply theme through JSON.

Screenshot of Spotify Icon System Update

Spotify Icon System Update

Collaborated with icongrapher Rob Bartlett, Spotify design shipped updated icon library from 1px to 2px width and unified size variants from 5 to 2.

Screenshot of Utopia


Utopia is a calculator that help you to tokenize spacing values to be used with their fluid type calculator.

Screenshot of Awesome Design Systems

Awesome Design Systems

Curated list of design tools and systems in a github repo.

Screenshot of Figen


Simple quick post cover and background generator

Screenshot of WWDC


A collection of all Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference session about design.

Screenshot of Config 2021

Config 2021

Video playlist for all Config 2021 talks and keynotes.