Screenshot of Icon SVG


Icon SVG

You can now display SVG icon without installing icon font, IconSVG offers customisable and clean-up SVG icons. Icon size and weight and even curve or straight ends are available as an option. However, the icon library is a bit short for start (around 150 icons).

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Screenshot of Spotify Icon System Update

Spotify Icon System Update

Collaborated with icongrapher Rob Bartlett, Spotify design shipped updated icon library from 1px to 2px width and unified size variants from 5 to 2.

Screenshot of Logobook


Logobook collects a variety of logos for design inspiration. Categorizing in letters, numbers, shapes and even business nature. Logobook is a great reference to kickstart the brainstorming process.

Screenshot of The Noun Project

The Noun Project

Royalty free icons that can be used anywhere in your workflow, including Mac, Office, Adobe Createive Suite and Google Doc.