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Catching up with some design documentaries in the last few months during quarantine, here's my recommended list!

Abstract: The Art of Design (Free on Youtube, Available on Netflix)

The two-season documentary series highlight artists across various fields of design. Each episode is an in-depth look of how design is implemented around our everyday life. @abstractdesign

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Helvetica ($3.99 rental on Vimeo On Demand)

Discover the history and cultural impact of the famous typeface Helvetica, also known as Neue Haas Grotesk.

Objectified ($3.99 rental on Vimeo On Demand)

Documentary on the manufactured designed objects and the process of its creation. Also directed by the same director Gary Hustwit.

Rams ($3.99 rental on Vimeo on Demand)

After interviewing Dieter Rams in Objectified, director Gary Hustwit started a new project to continue the conversation with him, further exploring this key design figure in influencing modern industrial design.

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