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2022 Mar Update

  • Added all categories in resources page
  • Updated responsive typography sizes using [fluid typography with clamp](/guides/fluid typography)
  • Add PrismJS for codeblock

2022 Feb Update

  • Incorporated digital garden setup by accepting Markdown files without frontmatter, inferring from filenames & file create date
  • Updated sitemap using gatsby-plugin-complex-sitemap-tree

2022 Jan Update

  • Website v2 goes live, domain changed to
  • Updated to gatsby v4 & gatsby-source-prismic to v5 for faster develop & build time
  • Switched newsletter subscription to Revue Newsletter
  • Added Pagination for all design resources

2021 June Update

  • Light / Dark mode switch ☀️🌜 and proper dark theme using StitchesJS, great thanks to solution implemented by @samrose3
  • New Keystroke Figma template available on community
  • All project listed on About page
  • Newsletter subscription form powered by formik & emailoctopus