2021 Q3 Reflection & Progress

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Lack of progress in Q3 as I was really busy with moving and settling down . It was only until the end of the quarter, that I have processed with a new target and set of tasks to complete. Therefore, most objectives are delayed to the next quarter.

This month I was also thinking about aligning my daily habit tracking with OKR. Even though I am currently using different system (Notion to track OKR, Google Sheets & Todoist for daily habit). Ideally, it should serve the same personal goals.

Last but not least, I would like to start writing an honest and reflective note on my progress so I can easily refer to it, as well as trying out mapping a knowledge graph. Before, each objectives were not really organised and it is hard to track previous work. With bi-directional linking in Obsidian and Zettelkasten, hopefully some results can be easily acheived to get started.

I am also implementing a new note template to practice better summarization for better learning. Tiago Forte wrote about [[Progress Summarization]], to make your notes that are more discoverable, not just copy and paste, but creating a structure to think and learn better.