Collection of posts I wrote about design process, technology and productivity.

    Prison Gothic

    Support this new Hong Kong typeface crowdfunding project! Prison Gothic is a digitalized and extended font according to the handcrafted road sign typeface by prisoners starting in the 1970s in Hong Ko

    Writing for Interfaces

    Create clear, conversational, and helpful writing and provide tips for interfaces copy.

    Config 2022

    Figma annual conference CONFIG is back! Stay tuned for product announcement on May 10 opening keynote.

    Type Scale

    Type Scale helps you to improve your web typography with a better scaling calculation.

    Roboto Serif

    New serif typeface under Google's Roboto font family. It also includes a special variable font option to optimize display based on optical size axes.

    Inclusive Components

    A blog that advocate inclusive web interfaces and components, to make the web more accessible

    Awesome Design Systems

    Curated list of design tools and systems in a GitHub repo.


    Utopia is a calculator that help you to tokenize spacing values to be used with their fluid type calculator.

    Career Ladders by

    Great material to plan your career and reflect on your current role, public career ladder from teams like Figma, Basecamp and GitLab. By @brian_lovin

    45 UX Portfolio Tips

    Portfolio tips from IxDA San Francisco's portfolio review event by @ixdasf

    Design System Checklist

    An open-source checklist for building a design system

    Project Wallace - CSS Analytics

    CSS analytics tool to monitor your design system

    Common Mistakes in Portfolio Reviews by Dan Spratling

    Portfolio tips from accessibility to design and content perspective by UX engineer Dan Spratling. Dan Spratling

    Releasing Design System

    Series of writing uncovering the process of of shipping an effective, collaborative design system, with examples from Atlassian, Financial Times, Shopify and more.  Written by Nathan Curtis from Eight

    Refactoring UI

    Refactoring UI started as design tidbits to work smoothly with developer. It stresses on visual hierarchy and systematic approach to UI design  from a developer point of view. Brand new ebook and reso

    Design Systems by Figma

    A publication curated by Figma Team regarding building a design systems. Include tutorials, templates, case studies and more


    Open source 5-style artistic font, originally created for an art centre in Paris. The playful weights variation leaves room for creativity for designers


    The biggest collection of official brand color codes around.


    Color Scheme generation tool built by Lyft Design Team. Able to create smooth transition between palettes by adding color steps. Read more on their approach to color design.


    Inspired by typewriter specimens, Compagnon combined the typfaces of typewriters.

    Leading with Craft

    A series about hands-on career paths in the design industry.

    Stark Public Library

    Free accessibility resources library, formerly known as a11yresources.

    Awesome Design Tools

    Curated by the team of Flawless , Awesome Design Tools holds a large collection of Design Tools, categorized in their functionality. Flawless


    Blobmaker helps you to create random blobs in SVG to align with design trends.

    Job Hunt Field Guide

    Job Hunt Field Guide is a informative eBook, with tons of resources guiding you to the process of landing a UI/UX design job. Written by Annabel Blake.

    Presentation Design

    Resources and tips around creating and designing slide decks, general presentation guidance, and tool workflows and pro-tips.

    User Friendly - A Medium Collection

    Handpicked user experience articles by official Medium editors.

    Lapa Books

    Develop your creative and design skills by reading. Lapa Books is a free ebook collection curated for web designers.

    Shortcuts Design

    A shortcut database collects all the shortcuts in design & development apps.

    The Futur

    The Futur is an educating and inspiring video channel made for creative professionals, facilitating creative mindsets and practical business tips. Paid video courses are also available at Futur Academ


    Typewolf is an indie typography resources blog curated by Jeremiah Shoaf. It recommends fonts and explores trending typography sites on a daily basis.